Barron Academy Community Foundation

The mission of the Barron Academy Community Foundation (BACF) is to mobilize communities by providing resources that creates opportunities, tools, and strategies while developing partnerships that strengthens its community and surrounding areas. BACF is a nonprofit that believes that we must learn from yesterday for a better tomorrow.


BACF provides the Following Services:


Community Service

Community service projects are conducted quarterly. BACF provides these opportunities through local partnerships.


Community Workshops

BACF believes that organizations and community groups need access to on-going, quality training opportunities to gain skills, tools, and strategies they need to accomplish their missions. Our training series provides up-to-date and practical information covering topic areas that can be easily applied within organizations.
We also provide educational awareness workshops to include HIV/AIDS; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention (ATOD); Leadership skills and MUCH MUCH more.


Mentoring Programs