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  • Enrollment Form

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  • Emergency Contact

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  • In case of emergency and the parent or caregiver cannot be reached, please notify:

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  • Please list any current medications, medical conditions, recent injuries, and food or drug allergies:

  • Dismissal/Sign Out

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  • Parent/Guardian Release

  • Parents and/or legal guardians, please read carefully, sign, and return this form to the Barron Academy.  Please initial at the end of each section.  By initialing by each section, you are stating that you agree with what was stated.  A parent or legal guardian signature on this form is required to participate in any Barron Academy Program.

  • For Emergency Treatment

  • I authorize the Barron Academy to arrange for transportation in case of accident or acute illness of the participant. In the event it is not possible to receive instruction for the participant’s care, consent is given to any licensed physician for treatment. I allow the physician to administer medication and to perform necessary treatment for the preservation of the participant’s health and well-being.  I understand that any cost incurred for treatment of sudden illness or accident shall be paid by me.  This authorization and consent for treatment is given to the Barron Academy in conjunction with any authorized event.

  • General Release of Liability

  • In consideration for being allowed participant privileges in any program of Barron Academy, I hereby assume full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death, or property damage and/or while using the premises or any facilities or equipment hereon. I further agree to hold harmless the Barron Academy, their partners, directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers from any and all claims that may result from any action for damages, including but not limited, to such claims that may result from injury or death, accident or otherwise, during or arising in any way from said activity.  I acknowledge that this General Release of Liability of Barron Academy and its partners is binding on me and not my heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns.

  • Media Release

  • I hereby consent to the use of my child’s photo/my child’s name, likeness and speech in any audio tape, video tape, film or photograph made in any Barron Academy activity for the business or publicity purposes of the Barron Academy and its partners. I understand that any participation offers no remuneration and that my/my child’s name, likeness and speech may be edited, produced, recorded for duplication and distribution throughout the United States and abroad.     

    I expressly release the Barron Academy, its licensees, assignees, affiliates and successors from any privacy, defamation, or other claims have arising out of broadcast, exhibition, publication, or promotion of this program.


    Tutoring requests are granted by Barron Academy for students who attend outside the community, after all the services and resources of the school have been thoroughly exhausted, i.e. lunchtime and after school tutoring.

    The following factors should also be considered by parents when assessing the reasons for requesting extra help for their child:

    • Does your child have established work and study habits?
    • Does your child spend a lot of time watching television and playing electronic games?
    • Does your child spend a lot of time on organized sports teams and recreation?
    • Does your child have access to reference materials and equipment?  
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