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    After-School Care

    Barron Academy provides services to the following schools in Richland School District One:
    ♦ Burnside Elementary School
    ♦ Burton-Pack Elementary School
    ♦ Arden Elementary School
    ♦ J. P. Thomas Elementary School

    BA is a fee-based after-school program that will be conducted in cooperation with Richland School District One.  The philosophy of Barron Academy is based on the idea that students learn best and are most productive when they are interested and engaged in what they are doing, and when learning feels meaningful.  BA approaches each project as something new, tailoring programs, curriculum, and tutoring sessions to meet the unique needs of the student participants with a 1:12 staff/child ratio.



    Before a student may enroll in Barron Academy, the parent/guardian must submit the registration forms; pay a one-time (nonrefundable) $25 registration fee.

    Tuition Rates

    Standard tuition is $50.00 per week for one child and $45.00 per week for each additional child in the household.

    Reduced tuition is $42.00 per week for one child and $40.00 per week for each additional child in the household. Only those students who are eligible for Richland One free or reduced school lunch will qualify for reduced tuition. This must be indicated on the registration form when registering your child.  If approval is made during the school year, provide a letter from the school.

    Program Schedule

    Barron Academy will operate on all half-days; however, will not operate on student holidays/professional development days.  Listed below are the dates that BA will not operate:


    INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY – Please note that Barron Academy will follow the District Policy for school closures, cancellations, and delays.


    Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

    Through a contract from the South Carolina Department of Education Supplemental Educational Services, BA currently operates tutoring centers located across the state of South Carolina.  In most cases, for a student to be enrolled in Barron Academy, the student must attend a low performing and high poverty school and deficient in one or more academic core areas.


    Who is eligible to enroll in SES?

    Students who attend a Title I school that is in its second year or beyond of school improvement (Continuing School Improvement, Corrective Action, Planning for Restructuring, or Restructuring). Barron Academy serves elementary, middle and high school students.


    Where will my child be tutored?

    Barron Academy has centers located across the state of South Carolina.  Our centers are available for tutoring Monday through Friday 2:30- 6 pm. (May vary from site to site. Some sites offer Saturday Academy) Tutoring can also be conducted in the privacy of your home. You and your tutor will decide the location that is most convenient and conducive for a successful learning experience. Contact us for a location near you.


    How much time does Barron Academy take?

    It is recommended that students seeking to address core skills in reading come to our centers to meet with our tutors. Students are scheduled according to their specific needs and goals. Between sessions, students are expected to practice the skills they worked on in the previous session. Students are allowed to learn at the pace that is best for them and are rewarded as they progress. Several tutoring plans are available depending on the needs of your student. The Site Coordinator will discuss these options with you to find a plan that will meet your student’s specific needs.


    What Makes Barron Academy better?

    Our tutors tailor proven materials and techniques to your student’s own needs and learning style. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we assess your student’s needs at the basic skills level and design his or her program accordingly. This way, the student stays focused on his or her target skills without being distracted by skills he or she has already mastered.


    Private One-on-One Tutoring

    Private one-on-one tutoring is a fee-based, appointment-based tutoring program offered to students in grades Kindergarten to Twelfth. In addition to specific course content and initial assessments, the tutors identify the student’s areas of weakness and builds foundational academic, study, and organizational skills for long-term learning success. Because we have a team of educators with expertise across disciplines, we can provide all the tutoring support a student needs. Tutoring is available in all subject areas, with an emphasis on reading and mathematics.


    Tutoring provides the focused step-by-step support for those needing to overcome learning challenges including:

    ♦ Students with learning difficulties
    ♦ Students struggling with course content and homework
    ♦ Students needing to improve foundational reading, writing, math, or study skills
    ♦ Students at risk of dropping out of school

    All tutoring appointments are held at the Barron Academy office located at 6941 North Trenholm Rd. Suite B-2 Columbia, SC 29206.


    Summer Camp

    Barron Academy hosts an annual summer camp for students in Kindergarten to Sixth grades. CLICK HERE!